Girls Varsity Golf · Girls Golf Launches Amazing Inaugural Season

This is the inaugural year for the Heritage Girls Golf Team. The girls golf team consists of sixth golfers, five of which are softball players. If one knows anything about golf, one knows that going from softball/baseball to golf is a difficult task, due to the different swing plane and the human body’s development of muscle memory. The swings are completely different and can be very hard to master. Yet, these girls have not let it stop them as they are currently 9-0.

Before this season most of the girls had not had any golf experience. Freshman, Abby Sheehan said, “Last summer was the first time I hit golf balls and played some. I also took a couple golf lessons in the past year. This year is the first time I played eighteen holes.”

Junior Kate Buuck feels strongly about being part of the first girl’s golf team at Heritage. “Being the first girls golf team at Heritage means that we are making history every time we golf, and so far we have done a good job at making history. We are currently 9-0 which is better than I ever expected we would be. I think we can finish this year off with a trophy to add to the cases, which would be a great start to the girls golf program.”

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the team has a home match with Fremont, and the regular season concludes on Sept. 1 with Bluffton. The ACAC tournament and sectionals then follow on Sept. 6 and Sept. 16.